The Magical Horse Book

(This is what the book would look like in English - at the moment it is only available in German language)


Understand and speak the language of horses

There are, it is true, many different breeds of horse, but all horses speak the
same language, feel comfortable in the right sort of stable, and horses' hooves all
obey the same physical laws. This knowledge should bind us riders together, even if
we have the most different styles of riding.

"This book is a profound declaration of love towards creation in general, and horses in particular."

Reader review

A.Mayr A· J. Kurz A· M. Mayr
Das Magische Pferdebuch

Basiswissen Pferde

auf magische Weise spannend erklärt

(only available in German language)

ISBN 978-3-00-024436-0

€ 24,90