Marvin the Plucky Rabbit

(This is what the book would look like in English - at the moment it is only available in German language)


The first animal guidebook in the world
in which a bunny himself tells you:


What rabbits really need

In this very special guidebook, Marvin, a former "Easter Rabbit" - tells you not only his
exciting true-life story, first as an Easter Rabbit, then in the animal sanctuary and later
with his new foster family, but also explains in a sensitive way what rabbits really need.
Caring for rabbits in a proper loving way is balsam for a rabbit's soul. It contributes to the animals' healthy development and forms the basis for a harmonious relationship between human and animal. 

»This is the most beautiful book on how to keep animals I have ever read. What is special is that the authors have experienced and documented everything themselves« Diana Deniz,

Angela Mayr · Marlene Mayr
Marvin der Muthase
Oder was Mümmelmänner wirklich mögen

(only available in German language!)
ISBN 978-3-00-024437-7
€ 14,90