Our Riding Stables

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We warmly welcome you to the website of the Amaro Riding Stables and Amaro Publishing.
Here we will give you a brief overview of our work with the animals who live with us at our
stables, as well as the main characters in our books.
At Amaro Riding Stables, we try to look after our animals in a correct and loving way, and to communicate with them in "their language".


Children learn here to empathise with the animals, in order to discover how they feel, think and communicate.Trust can only develop in an atmosphere free of fear, where the animal is well looked-after and feels understood. This is the basic requirement for an harmonious relationship between humans and animals.



Amaro Riding is a bitless riding technique in which the horse is primarily "steered"€ by the rider's weight distribution and ability to speak the horse's language.



Amaro Riding is based on the respectful interaction between human and animal. For us, horses are not sports equipment.



We treasure them as loyal leisure partners and are convinced that harmonious riding begins with looking after horses in the right way:


Open Stables


... with lots of running around in all weather in an open paddock offering the opportunity to develop friendships for grooming or for play.

We think it is also important to acquire expert knowledge and learn how to care for the animals in a  responsible loving way, therefore, as well as riding tuition, we also teach the technical facts involved in looking after horses.


Making Dominance Visible

In order to ride correctly with as few actions as possible, the pupil should learn to empathise with the horse, enabling horse and rider to merge into harmonious oneness. This can only work if the rider is able to give the horse guidance and security, and the horse acknowledges the rider as the "lead stallion" and therefore as the more dominant one.


When recognised as the "lead stallion", the trainer is able not only to lead and ride a horse with  minimal assistance, but also to "free longe" an entire herd:

commanding the pace and direction of a team of the horses without the need for a longe line, even on an open riding ring, past filled feeding racks, in a manner comparable to a herd leader (lead stallion) in the wild.

Lydia is one of our very advanced students, accepted by the entire Amaro herd as being of highest rank. Like a lead stallion or a lead mare she is able to "steer" all horses simultaneously using her body language.

If the horse accepts the trainer as leader, it will react without rope or halter to the slightest signal.


Goal of Riding Tuition


We endeavour to introduce children to the joys of nature through this holistic riding technique and, at the same time, teach them to be responsible young riders who can play an active part in animal welfare together with us.


Amaro Riding - more than just a riding technique

It is our policy to keep charity horses and disabled animals at our stables too. Children learn to take these limitations into consideration, and in doing so they discover that even old or disabled animals can be enriching. These animals are often particularly patient with children. In this way, young people learn to practice and recognise tolerance, that every living creature has an equal right to exist even if it is not perfect, and that it can make a valuable contribution to society in its own way.